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Powerful Ecommerce Solutions and Logistics System Integration.

“Magento and Magento 2 power the largest e-commerce websites in the world and considered the market leader for enterprise level retailing online.”

What is Magento?

A powerful yet complex architecture, Magento’s e-commerce Content Management Systems (CMS) allows vast customisation across all key aspects of an e-commerce system and beyond. From well considered responsive design (a fluid design that changes depending on the screen size it is viewed on), customer-led navigation and search functionality, to a full administrative management system, SEO management and full ERP logistics/ fulfilment systems.  Magento is packed with features.

“Magento is synonymous with e-commerce and catalogue management with a full suite of management tools, which deliver huge benefits across a range of business objectives and Industries. The best part is that the community edition is free to use and open source”

Building and maintaining Magento Community (CE) websites for over 8 years, Orbital understand its inherent complexities and how to get the most out of this awesome system without the headaches. Magento is built on the well known and used php language. Yet, it takes more than an experienced web developer to understand the Magento framework and avoid, at best, costly ongoing maintenance or, at the worst, a website that creates frustration and fails to convert customers.

Magento the online shop:

Orbital’s flagship Magento project is for renowned international camera dealer Robert White. Having built all 3 of their websites in Magento over 8 years, Robert White trust Orbital to create a user experience and design that focuses on driving sales and an excellent shopping experience.

magento ecommerce website in bournemouth

Magento the SEO Engine:

Although Magento was created as an e-commerce platform, its excellent SEO capabilities and category structure means that it performs well in generating high search visibility. iForm Buildings chose Magento as it’s catalogue manager for this reason. It’s all round effectiveness means the website is used in-store, as a digital catalogue, an online lead generation tool in Search Engines. Magento is a cost-effective base for all their digital marketing activity.

Magento the online catalogue:

However Magento’s key strength is its superior handling of complex data. Orbital have recently built a huge online catalogue with over 85,500 products. By taking advantage of Magento’s core design pages still load in less than a couple of seconds. Customising a ‘request for quotation’ (RFQ) module a unique customer acquisition flow was developed. Complete with detailed customer validation checks, a detailed and bespoke quoting system with customer specific portal and pricing was created to meet the exacting standards of their industry..

What’s Next?

With our experienced website design team, Magento knowledge and advanced hosting capabilities Orbital deliver user experiences that continually exceed our customers expectations.

Find out how you could benefit from a truly bespoke website with advanced functionality not possible with providers like Shopify or WooCommerce.

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