Brand and Website Design

Brand, Website Design, Graphic Design

The issues faced by African countries in their fight against illegal fishing are mammoth. NFDS is a Norwegian consultancy offering sustainable fisheries management to governments, the UN and other official bodies in Africa and other parts of the world.

Educating local communities and regional authorities about the effects of illegal fishing was paramount in the brief, so it was vital the literature we produced for NFDS was informative and eye catching, appealing to the reader rather than being bland and text heavy. The use of strategic infographics has proved invaluable.

Orbital have worked alongside NFDS in the creation of standout brochures, inserts, and print material for events. Additionally, to provide the scale of an online presence and to create information centres with varying tactical executions we also built dynamic and engaging websites, for themselves as well as their affiliated partners Stop Illegal Fishing (SIF) and Fish-i Africa.

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