Graphic design

Graphic Design, Brand

Pay.UK is the new home for BACS, Faster Payments, and the Cheque and Credit Clearing Company. As the single operator for these payment brands, their infrastructure and services enable more than £19 billion in transactions between consumers, consumers and businesses, and between businesses, every single day. Orbital is a partner for graphic design and brand development services.

Orbital were asked to design their Procurement Prospectus, inviting businesses to become a Strategic Partner, enabling the realisation of Pay.UK’s vision.

Following strict brand guidelines, the prospectus needed to project the correct tone-of-voice, conveying reliability, authority and inclusivity, whilst being clear, open and honest.

The Pay.UK identity is based on being solid, reliable, focused and efficient… being as ‘black and white’ as possible. So the prospectus uses black and white in pure, elemental ways to reflect rock-solid and reliable qualities, while being thoroughly accessible.

The introduction of secondary brand patterns for differentiation within bold and geometric infographics and illustrations made for an interesting concept while the use of natural, lifestyle-led photography provided an injection of colour, showing glimpses of the customer journey and conveying the message that Pay.UK are enabling a future for all.