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The basics done brilliantly, the tricky stuff tackled tremendously. We take pride in our precision. We care profoundly about our creative. The bigger the challenge, the more we’re sure we’ll create something spectacular.

As a creative agency we love the process of image creation. Video is fast becoming THE way to communicate your values and key messages to your customers and we have the tools and expertise to deliver stunning video projects. Whether through still photography or engaging video, with the benefit of many years marketing communications experience, we know instinctively what our clients require and are able to deliver it quickly and to budget.




Corporate Event Photography Bournemouth


Formal and informal business portraits

Cultural business atmosphere

Event photography

Product photography

Stock photo library searches

Flickr feed

Bournemouth Video Agency


Corporate video production

Scriptwriting and voice-overs

‘Explainer’ video and animated infographics

Social media animations

Event video coverage

YouTube Channel

Bournemouth Video Agency

Interactive media

Interactive HTML5 presentations

Advanced conference presentations

Ipad demos / portfolios

Data capture and surveys

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Fundamentally I'm an image maker. I started in illustration and design and moved into photography and video when it went digital. I love being thrown in at the deep-end, relying on my skills, wit and determination to get the job done. It helps being a people person – if it's not fun, where's the point in doing it?

Justin Smith
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